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Sony launches Sony Entertainment Network

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sony just revealed the Sony Entertainment Network, which is them placing all online services on one brand name. This includes their online music and video service Qriocity, and more importantly the Playstation Network. 

Speaking of Qriocity, that name is gone. They will now be calling their on-demand online service Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Oh yes, what a way to keep creative Sony. Thankfully, the Playstation Network will still retain its name on this merge of services.

Kazuo Hirai, now president of Sony’s consumer products and services group, announced this change in the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin.”We’re leveraging the biggest asset, the Sony brand, to establish comprehensive, global platorm called Sony Enterntainment Network,” said Kazuo Hirai.

Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, and Playstation will be under one account for convenience. Third party services like Hulu however still is on a separate account. Curious if there will be any form of change in the PSN, if they do plan on changing something I hope it’s a new interface. The Sony Entertainment Network website is already live so you can go check their so-called “Three core pillars of entertainment”.

[Source: Gamespot]

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