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Rumor: Resident Evil 6 to be announced on TGS

Capcom is planning to move forward in the Resident Evil series by revealing Resident Evil 6 at the Tokyo Game Show this September. No official word yet, but thanks to one individual who attended a behind-closed-doors meeting at Comic-Con this week took a shot of the possible logo for the next Resident Evil.

The image above was posted on the Hell Descent forums. He went in, was instructed that taking pictures are not allowed, but he took one anyway. No real information of the game was given, they only announced that updates will be revealed on September 15(the date on the image), which is the first day of TGS 2011.

I heard though that Capcom plans to head back to their survivor-horror roots for the next Resident Evil, which is great since the franchise is getting ridiculous already. I want the old Resident Evil game similar to the first and second, always struggling to survive, and a quick scare every now and then. Please no more super-human Weskers, and crazy village people that replaced zombies. Bring back the zombies!!

Thanks again for the guy who ninja’d this shot.

  1. sadakups
    July 24, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    I wanna bet that people are going to hate this game, just like a lot of Capcom’s recent ones. The company hasn’t been doing well, to be honest.

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