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Moar Mega Man madness

Continuing my Mega Man craze, I put back Mega Man Powered Up in my PSP. you might have caught me playing it live on our Justin.tv channel.

The demo of both the new style and old style of cutman’s stages where included in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and when I last played Powered Up, I kinda cheated and just downloaded a save game on Gamefaqs with everything unlocked cause I was too lazy to unlock everything back then.

Now I started on a clean slate and I just beat all the 8 Robot Masters on the Easy and Normal difficulty. Easy so that I can beat them with just the Mega Buster so that they can become playable and Normal so that I can find the creation parts and beating stuff on Normal will unlock something later on.

So yeah, been playing that. Gutsman’s stage is still the biggest load of BS in the Mega Man universe. I curse those damn moving platforms! Timeman’s stage is also kind of a bitch at a certain point.


Did I mention that the game has a level editor mode? You can create custom stages and share them online. Here’s an example of a stage that’s impossible to beat. XD

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