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Weekend, what are you playing?

Well E3 is over and what a show it was. Lots of awesome and bizarre announcements. But anyway, it’s the weekend after E3, what are you playing?

Migoy: Been spending some time killing waves of dudes in Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes, some of the attakcs in that game is just insane like shooting a ball of lightning from a samurai sword or holding 3 of those samurai swords in 1 hand like Wolverine claws. I played some Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers last night. That game looks really good but I wished it played better. Its like all the production went into the graphics and presentation but not enough went into the gameplay.

Arlie: So I got the platinum trophy for inFAMOUS yesterday, and it took me about 2 hours to find the last blast shard (still much easier than finding 200 pigeons in GTA IV, cos Niko can’t climb shit). I don’t think I will play inFAMOUS 2 anytime soon (unless someone would lend me a copy). There was a major update for Gran Turismo 5 the other day, it includes a save feature in between championship races (nope, you still can’t save during an endurance race), Racing Gear items were added so you can choose a helmet and racing suit for your A-spec and B-spec drivers and make them strike a pose for a profile picture. There is also a new bonus track by Daiki Kasho entitled “Day to Live” which is unlocked as a BGM after the first ending movie. Also for a limited time, Online Dealership cars are offered at 0 mileage and half the price (maybe as a bonus after the PSN Outage). Me and my friends played Gran Turismo 5 online since Friday, and invited them to play again later. Feel free to add me on PSN and join us in my GT5 Lounge.

PSN: arcanefiragaI still hope they make the Bugatti Veyron a premium car.

Quash: This weekend i revisited some old RPG games in my collection. Started playing Fallout: New Vegas again to get all the side quests done. Playing it again is making me want to grab the DLC’s currently out. I also started Borderlands again with some friends. It’s one of the those games that you just go back for another playthrough. We have all the DLC’s for the game so we have a lot of content to cover. I also just purchased the Arcade Edition for Super Street Fighter 4 and went to the lab to learn the twins. so far, they are just instantly Top tier characters. Their trippy to learn and so far i prefer Yang. Yun is definitely a stronger character but i prefer Yang’s play style.

  1. June 13, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Dead Space(360) and Portal 2(360) for me also enjoying my free Infamous and Dead Nation on Ps3 🙂

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