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PSP games getting the HD fix?

So we know that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is getting the HD makeover. Apparently this won’t be the only PSP game to get that treatment. No other games have been announced but I’m sure people who have heard of this are already making their PSP-to-PS3 wish list. Here’s mine.

1. Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy
For obvious reasons as this is one of my favorite PSP games of all time. Technically I like the first Dissidia just cause I spent more time with it but Duodecim has more features, characters, content and tweaks that just makes it a better game.

2. Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker
Throw in Portable Ops too and make it a “Collection” of sorts. Peacewalker was a fantastic PSP game although the boss fights definitely felt a lot more ‘Monster Hunter’ than Metal Gear. A lot of people had a huge gripe with the camera being mapped to the face buttons which I think was giving more crap than it deserved. But this game would definitely benefit from dual analog stick controls.

I’d add more to my list of choices but I currently have no access to my collection of PSP games (meaning I’m currently not at home right now) but I might later on.

My choices are coming mostly from a control / feature standpoint. Like how Dissidia needs online functionality and how Peacewalker needs dual analog sticks.

Some of the obvious choices would be Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and the 2 God of War titles on the PSP but those don’t really need an HD remake. They were solid enough as PSP titles, both controlwise and presentation. I think the 2 God of War games would be no brainers as they pretty much control the same as their console counterparts but Crisis Core? C’mon, combat in that game was pretty meh and I’ve seen enough of it’s story that I don’t need to see it in HD. KH: BBS doesn’t need a control overhaul nor does it need an HD retelling, in my opinion at least.

What about you? What are your prime choices for the PSP-to-PS3 HD ports?

  1. tupasheep
    May 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    patapon 1, 2, 3, and make a 4th one siguro. i dont care what anyone says that series is awesome.

    • Migoy
      June 2, 2011 at 4:00 am

      yea a Patapon HD Collection would be nice. I’d include that in my list if I played them

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