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SOCOM 4 solo campaign trailer

With SOCOM 4’s open beta up and running and the game releasing in a week, Zipper Interactive is gavethe solo campaign some attention by releasing a trailer.

The trailer gives you an idea on what to expect from SOCOM 4’s solo campaign. Ops Commander, Cullen Gray and his SEAL team gets thrown into the fray in a mission to capture a militant revolutionary aimed at destroying the world’s most vital waterway and disrupting the global economy.  They only have six days to complete their mission. Oh, and there’s a badass female korean soldier that joins the SEAL team.

Excited about it? or are you just waiting to get your hands on the full version of SOCOM 4’s multiplayer?

  1. alley cat
    April 14, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    hey zipper,

    you guys made a game that for the first time i am actualy very very pissed off i played your download and everything the view/no pistols//grenade pitch//talk button placement//and the over all socom feel is gone… ive purchased Every last socom game both ps2 / psp / and ps3/6 which is better than what you did at least it plays some what like socomII—-all you people did is make a call of duty 3rd person viewer….common guys this is bullshit look at the blogs listen to what people are asking for —-you will make a hell of a lot more money and it will be well earned if you just listen—-i pre ordered my coppy of socom 4 and im off work in the afternoon i will take my reserved money and just have game stop put it on store credit because that disk is nothing more than a waist of my gas money and time and a waist of your artists time /// if this message meets the person that actualy–thought air raids was a good idea you are the biggest f—ing bitter and that was a smooth move exlax–i wish that you would have realy thought of all the time and money and exp that ***thousands*** have put in and you make it so you can have a franchise like **CoD** can walk you into there players arms what about us. what about your SOCOM fans dont you care do we not meen a damn thing to you or are we just a paycheck—–what has to happen—–what—-we want **fucking bad ass socom back*** i would gladly pay 89.99 for a game that was classic /// I WOULD NOT HESITATE FOR A SECOND TO PAY TOP $$$ FOR A SOCOM II IN HD… OR A SOCOM THAT HAD THAT APPEAL—–and so many others would pay it to..you allready have the baisic lay out you have the requests by your fans you know what your fans are screeming for so show us socom programers /desingers and development team knows how to satisfy a need to do it old school with a twist of new school*********************** with the move (only good idea so far)— and prove that in todays market place doing the old maps would make a whole lot of us very very very happy…. and your pocket books will have the midas touch guaranteed

  2. alley cat
    April 14, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    also thought i would tell you poeple ——–i will be letting every one on u-tube and all persons on friends list that havent downladed or havent pre ordered the disk that this is a big piece of shit and a waist of time and money— i will go to every blog and have already started look arround you will find me and if you like you can send me an email—–if you even read this—i fu–ing hate you for what you did to socom and if i owned the company you would be so fu–ing fired for lack of respect for your audiance….

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