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PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Walkthrough

Here we have Ken Inagaki, Senior Staff Producer at Sony, showing us how the PS Move works with their first gun peripheral the Sharp Shooter for SOCOM 4. The Sharp Shooter has buttons layed out around it for easy access in conjunction with the many moves you can pull off in the game such as using the scope, throwing grenades, and pump action reload which everyone loves.

Now you may think that it look very similar to Nintendo’s WiiZapper but the problem that plagued the Wii was there were too many plastic accessories that would only work for 1 or 2 games. So you’d have a lot of white hollow plastic in the shape of guns, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and even bowling balls Sony claims that this new gun peripheral will work with many other titles and hopefully they won’t follow the same cluttered closet road that happened with the Wii.

I wish the WiiZapper had a stock…

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