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Angry Birds Goes Old School

Remember the days of the old Game & Watch LCD portable gaming? Back when monochromatic were hottest thing on the block. I used to have some of those Tiger handheld games and spent many a time (and batteries) playing them like they were the greatest thing in the world.

Angry Birds got the retro treatment by Shane Parker. Along with the art, he also thought up a set of gameplay rules to go with it.

– Use the Directional Pad to select the trajectory of the bird’s flight.
– Hit the fire button to launch your bird.
– The pigs will dance back and forth so it’s up to you to time your drop perfectly. Hit them all and advance to the next level, but be warned, they get faster and harder to hit!
– You have three birds, once they are through it is game over!
– If you collect a golden egg you will get access to the Mighty Golden Eagle! A Golden Eagle advances you to the next level.
– Since this is a Tiger game, there is no ending, the game loops past world 4-18.


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