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Kinect: Gunstringer first look

Gunstringer is developed by Twisted Pixel and published my Microsoft Game Studios. This Xbox Live Arcade Game will be one of the first Kinect game that doesn’t only cater to the casual gamer. Oh and you get to sit down while playing this game.

You basically control the Gunstringer, an undead marionette sheriff betrayed by his posse. He emerges from his grave and goes on a quest in search for his old Posse to get revenge, picking them off one by one. You control Gunstringer with your left and right hand. Your left hand is how you control Gunstringer strafing from left to right by moving your hand. The right hand controls your gun. You shape your right as gun and as you aim at your enemies you get to lock on them.  doing a firing gesture will make you shoot and watch Gunstringer shoot all that was lock-on.

It’s a great concept and looks fun. No definite date yet for Gunstringer but they are aiming around the end of 2011.

  1. Ed
    March 29, 2011 at 3:14 am

    looks fun, I hope it wouldn’t be crappier like other kinect games

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