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Kinect hacked to work with PlayStation 3, plays Killzone 3 badly

Microsoft’s Kinect, the fastest-selling gadget ever, has now been hacked to work with the PlayStation 3.

The Kinect isn’t directly plugged into a PS3, though (that would be too awesome). Instead, it’s plugged into a conventional PC laptop, where PrimeSense’s first-party drivers are used to interface with Kinect. The data from Kinect is then converted into a format that the PS3 can understand, and output directly to the console using using diyps3controller, which lets the laptop USB controller interface with the PS3.

There’s a video of the developer logging in and playing Killzone 3 on his PS3 using the Kinect after the break. Well, attempting to play Killzon 3, we should say. It seems like the hack has a little way to go before it’s actually usable…

From: http://downloadsquad.switched.com/


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