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RGP #7 – Remember GTA I and II?

Random Gaming Post #7

No? Well I do. I found out that GTA I and II were on the original Playstation back when GTA III was the greatest game in the world at the time. Since I didn’t have a PS2 or a decked out PC then, I went out and got GTA I hoping to get a similar experience but with just cheaper graphics. Before I got it, I have already played Driver and it was cool but screwing around in the open world wasn’t as fun as I had hoped.

After seeing the video that I’m sharing with you right now was pretty much the same reaction I had when I first popped in GTA I. A huge “WTF” on my face and a huge feeling of disappointment, I remember telling my friend, who was with me at the time back when co-op gaming was local (yes kids, you actually had to GO to your friends’ houses to play videogames together), and said “this looks like a SNES game!”.

After giving the game a chance, cause I did pay for it, I came to realize that is is pretty much the same game but with the limitations of the hardware I had at my disposal. GTA I was a still a very fun game that took some getting used to but I’m glad I got it.

Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars retains a similar birds eye view style as the old GTA games but also adapts a lot of new elements found in modern GTA titles.

So now I leave you with this video from 4playerpodcast. Watch out for the voice acting because it is FLAWLESS!

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