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Sony NGP Battery Life

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

One question plaguing gamers about is the NGP / PSP2 is the battery life. With the 3DS’ battery life clocking it at 4-5 hours, 3-4 hours will full 3-D. A report from Wired states that the NGP battery life will clock in at about 4-5 hours.

Sony Europe CEO Andrew House chalked the, admittedly shortish, battery time to the flash media and “beauty” of the screen. “It’s influenced our choice of flash media, versus incorporating a disc drive; and number two, the screen is large and gorgeous” He said ” it’s also OLED, which is fantastically good for low power consumption as well.”

I personally have no problem with the 5 hour battery life as it is similar to the PSP’s and DS’ which I’m already used to managing but longer battery life is always better. Who knows, perhaps when Sony and Nintendo release the 3DS Lite or NGP Slim (which you just KNOW the will) they’ll have longer battery life.




As for how the games will look like;

We’ll just have to wait for a clearer video to be released but to be honest, the whole tilting gimmick looks stupid. As if our eyes aren’t f***ed up as it is. Now we have to look at the screen AND waggle the console around.

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